Horsey Mums International post no 2

The Horsey Mums International group was lucky enough to be given some products from The Mother Bee company for a ‘Tried and Tested’. Mother Bee use beeswax and other natural ingredients to create these wonderful products. Ideal for delicate skin and suitable for every day use for humans,horses,cats and dogs,the range of products also make wonderful gift options. Visit the website or check out the Mother Bee Facebook page. The results have been fantastic.

Tester Rebecca-I usually prefer to go with a stick lip balm instead of a tub as when I’m outside/working in the yard etc I can’t guarantee clean hands and i usually end up with bits of hay stuck in it. that’s why i opted for the stick in this review. My first impressions of this product were good. I liked the smell and flavour and found the lip balm to be quite soothing. However I thought that the balm itself to be quite soft – more of a consistency found in a tub. It provided great coverage but the already soft texture turned somewhat slimy when carried in a pocket for use throughout the day. Despite my slight dislike of the consistency I found that it provided great coverage against the elements. I think that this would be a great protective balm for the winter.
Tester Muireann- I got a sample of yard hand and absolutely adored it. One of the best products I’ve ever used. Convenient and doesn’t rub off easily.
Tester Nicola-I was given the Mother Bee Tub to try out. It was for skin irritations such as mud fever/skin sores etc. We used it on a 16.3hh Polish Draught gelding called Murray. He had developed friction burns on his back from the numnahs rubbing under the saddle. We had previously tried numerous different things to try and sort the problem but nothing seemed to clear it. We started applying it around 9 days ago once the area was cleaned etc. (Image will be added of area before application). There was no harsh smells from the product, the horse was happy for it to be applied as it didn’t sting or irritate him any further. Within a week we seen a great difference in the wounds and now there is already hair growth returning to the area. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with skin problems/sores/irritations. Thankfully there is still plenty left so I will definitely be hanging onto it for the future…
Tester Judi-I had the Citrus Lotion bar to review from MotherBeeOnline. I already have a few products from Motherbee and this product lives up to their standard easily. The lotion bar should be a must have for anyone who has dry skin and/or an outdoor lifestyle. It is easy to use and very very effective. It also smells amazing, causing several people to comment about how nice my hands smelled! My dry, chapped hands were rough and pretty unattractive. After a week of regular use they were smooth and the chapping all but gone. The citrus bar also had an effect on my cuticles, that the yard hand bar didnt ? They are usually a bit flaky and they are now smooth and even. I used the bar before I went outside as well as after washing hands etc as a protective barrier, which worked a treat and my hands definitely felt less of the wind chill with it on, than not. My only small criticism is that its not easy to keep with you. I keep it in a small container by the sink to use after washing hands but I would like to be able to carry it with me or keep it on the yard for after wetting hands out there (frequent!) A small waterproof drawstring bag would be perfect as without it gets covered in hair / dust / pocket fluff etc as it is sticky. Loved the product generally though and personally prefer the scented bar to the unscented Yard Hand.
Tester Lucy-So, it smells delicious, lovely colour nicely presented/packaged. It was quite hard to get some out of the pot to start with – ended up digging it out with a spoon! But it softened quickly in my hands and was easy to rub in.I decided to sit the pot next to the Aga which meant it was warm/room temp and that worked much better. It softened my hard hands really well – tended to put it on after I had come in from outside and soothed the chapped skin on the back of my hands. It’s also really good for dry feet too – plastered it on my cracked heals and stopped them hurting so big thumbs up for that. All in all lovely stuff.
Tester Niamh-Loved this fantastic lotion bar! Beautiful smell! And made my tough, dry, farming, horsey body feel great after a bath or shower! Non greasy ! And great for the whole family! Mother Nature at her best 😊 My tip: leave beside the fire to soften a bit before application! Just to make it easier to apply xx 10/10 because I loved it and it’s almost gone xxx
Tester Ailish-I bought a pony a few weeks ago and a week after I got her she rubbed her tail raw. It looked awful dry and sore. The skin was flaking off. I was worried about the hair growth. I applied the product and it was amazing after only two applications a day apart it was like a different tail. I can only say it was miraculous the difference in two days. The skin was moisturised no more flaky skin. I think I’ll try it on my own dry scalp as I was so impressed. I would encourage anyone to try it for dry skin on their equine
Teseter Sandra-thank you very much for letting me try the moisturiser bar. I have fallen in love with it and will definitely continue to buy it. My little girl suffers from very dry skin and I suffer from eczema on my hands. I found the moisturiser bar worked best just after a bath. I loved the fact that it was so easy and non messy to use . (Cream moisturiser + 3 yr old child = very messy ) lol . You did not require water with this bar , just rub it along your skin. It left our skin smelling so fresh and clean and left my skin especially my legs very soft. Eased the irritation on my hand from eczema. Highly recommend this product.
Tester Daphne-Product review of the moisturiser bar. This product is fantastic, it smells absolutely delicious is very easy to use and works a treat on dry hands. I would put it on as often as required and it protects and heals weather beaten hands!! Also great on cracked heels!!The bar shape is easy to use though the packaging could be a bit sturdier, maybe a paper type wrap would be an idea so easier to open and re-use.
Tester Tara-I got the healing lip balm.Obviously the kiddies loved anything new and the importance of being asked what they thought;) it’s not too waxy so doesn’t feel like lips might stick together if you put on a decent amount. I’d actually say not only was it stopping my lips from being dried and cracked all the time but it’s conditioning too as the more I used it the more the skin above my lips stopped being dry and red and calmed right down! The real test I think was when we all had the vomiting bug here….the kiddies lips were peeling and cracks and my son even had such dry lips there was a little split with blood….in 1 day after non stop slathering of the peppermint healing balm all that literally went and overnight he was back with normal lips. I would definitely change from the product I had been using to this lip balm.So, tell me….where can I buy the stuff as husband wants to c if there’s an outdoor protection hand cream for him!
Tester Marisa-So i used the healing lip balm. And so far so good. My lips were cracked and sore from being outside all the time and its done a lovely job at softening them, so much so that I’ve started using on my kids!! I’ll definitely be recommending this to all my horsey friends!



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